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Chevy Bolt is also the Car Connections Best electric car to buy in 2017!

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Green Car Reports has awarded the Chevy Bolt as their best car to buy

And so the Car Connection!
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So am I making a mistake trying to get the Bolt this year? Maybe I should wait until January. :p

Honestly, for a primary car the Volt should still be better over-all vehicle until the charging network becomes more established. Especially for those without their own 240v electrical connection (ie, apartments, condos, etc).
For many, it would be fine as a primary car right now. I am in that situation right now. My regional charging network more than suits my driving needs. And my family is also in a similar situation. The farthest they drive in any one direction is about 150 miles, and they have many L2/L3 chargers along those routes.
If you don't have access to home charging, such as those living in apartments and condos, I'm not sure a Volt makes a ton of sense either. Yes you could use it but why pay for a second propulsion system you can't use?
Even then, it depends. I currently live in an apartment that doesn't provide EV charging, but I have EV charging at work.

In my situation, as an apartment dweller, the Bolt might actually be more effective... even without apartment charging. I have charging at work and I have local DCFC charging available at a shopping plaza I regularly frequent (I get groceries there at least twice a week).
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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