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Chevy Bolt EV Max Regen At Least 70 kW

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While driving my Bolt EV back home, I made an interesting discovery. The max regenerative braking power is at least 70 kW. I could be more--if it is based on battery SOC--, but between 50-70% state of charge, it maxes out at 70 kW.
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60kW for 10 seconds was also the max on a Gen 1 Volt, which is a 3.75C rate when paired with the initial model year's 16kWh battery.
Yeah I've overrun that a few times coming down a 10% grade near where I work. (2013 Gen 1).
I didn't actually time it, but it seems to "reset" after about 15-20 seconds of "cool down" time.
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