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Chevy Bolt EV Max Regen At Least 70 kW

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While driving my Bolt EV back home, I made an interesting discovery. The max regenerative braking power is at least 70 kW. I could be more--if it is based on battery SOC--, but between 50-70% state of charge, it maxes out at 70 kW.
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That isn't a clear indication if the battery will allow a 70 kW DC charge. GM has to specify the real power limit.
Oh, I wasn't implying that it was, but I've seen posts floating around stating that the max regen for the Bolt EV is locked at 60 kW. That is not the case. I don't know if it goes up or down from 70 kW based on SOC or conditions, but I know that the max regen is at least 70 kW.

I assume you were in L mode with the Regen on Demand (RoD) paddle activated? What was the highest speed you started from to attempt max regen?

If you didn't try it above 75 mph, you might be able to get more than 70kW. SoC shouldn't matter, as long as the battery is warm and there's less than 100% SoC.

My coastdown model says max regen should be a little over 75kW at 75 mph or higher, but I set those results aside. I figured there was an error since I thought they were going to limit regen to 60kW.

If my model is close, regen would be above 70kW until you decelerate below 50 mph.
You are correct. In L using the RoD paddle. I was only doing 55 MPH or so, but I was descending a 4-6% grade at the time, which could have had an effect. I was able to recreate the 70 kW regen experience several times. I wasn't paying attention to speed, but I believe one was definitely below 45 mph (but again, going down hill).
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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