[ad#post_ad]Today is a bonanza day of vindication and recognition for the little car that could, and all of GM's relentless development and our unyielding effort and devotion here on GM-Volt.com.  In fact it's a landslide.

Only a few short hours after Motor Trend magazine announced the Chevrolet Volt was awarded their 2011 Car of the Year award, another leading automotive authority has done the same.

Automobile magazine has named the Chevrolet Volt its winner for 2011 Automobile of the Year.

GM marketing chief Joel Ewanick has accepted the award at the LA Auto Show.

Automobile magazine editors made the following statement:

“This is the most sophisticated, most important vehicle on the road today. It won’t just change what we drive, but also how we drive. Owners will plug in at night, heat or cool their cabin before they leave the garage, and adopt new driving styles to maximize their electric range. Then, when the battery is depleted, they’ll mindlessly motor on; free of the limitations that accompanies pure electric vehicles.”

I can tell you firsthand this is true.  After driving the car nearly a week, there is no doubt the car is a brilliant refined technological tour-de force.

“On its way to becoming AUTOMOBILE Magazine’s 2011 Automobile of the Year, the Chevrolet Volt endured more scrutiny and skepticism than any of the nine other semifinalists,” said Associate Editor Eric Tingwall of the announcement. “It is genuinely an all-new car, in the most simplistic sense as well as in the greater notion that the Volt is unlike any vehicle we have ever driven.”

“We are very grateful for this prestigious recognition from AUTOMOBILE Magazine,” said Ewanick, who drove a Volt 2,394 miles from Detroit to Los Angeles for the show. “Automobile of the Year is a testament to the pioneering technology of the Volt, as well as the talent, intelligence and hard work of everyone at GM who made it a reality.”

You can enjoy the magazine's detailed analysis of the Volt at the link below:

Source ( Automobile Magazine )