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Chevrolet Volt 2014 Noise when accelerating (not a clicking sound)

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Hello folks a new Volt owner 2014. I noticed a week after getting it, when accelerating I hear as though the engine or something is spinning or trying to hard to 'keep up', sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't, it sounds as thought I am revving the engine so to speak then it slowly goes away. Cerified preowned with 32k miles. I am just noticing it now, any thoughts???
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The battery is typically zero as I live in an apartment complex and rarely have access to actually charge it. Also I have noticed that even if I do have battery charge the Hold option is greyed out.
That explains it then. Your battery is sitting at zero usable charge and sometimes dips even lower to respond to demands, then has to run the ICE harder to catch up and bring the battery up to zero point again. Nothing to worry about.
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