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Los Angeles (CA) – Following a spy video that surfaced on the Internet in August and official pictures of the vehicle that were released in September, General Motors (GM) is set to officially exhibit and discuss the 2011 Chevy Volt at the LA Auto Show tomorrow.

The company said that “top members of the Volt production team” will be available to answer questions of the media and provide more insight in the car’s technology and features. GM describes the Volt as the world’s “first extended range electric vehicle designed for mass production”, which really refers to a common perception of a hybrid vehicle: The Volt’s batteries will allow the driver to travel up to 40 miles on a single charge, while an additional gasoline engine “extends” the range to about 435 miles, GM previously said. GM believes that the 40 mile range will be sufficient to enable 78% of Americans a gas-free commute.

GM currently plans to start production of the Volt in late 2010, if the company will continue to attain all of our goals and milestones for the battery and integration of the power electronics. GM still expects pricing of the Volt to come in below $40,000.
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