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Onstar does great with its core product: crash response. Everything else seems mediocre to me, their websites, their help.

My most recent experience was with our new Bolt EV. The dealer setup Onstar through their channel. Then we get in the car and Onstar operator say they have no record, so we go through the setup all over again. The next day, I test the phone app to lock/unlock the doors, honk the horn, flash the lights, etc. Nothing happened. Tried many times.

Called Onstar from the car. The first tech rep said the account setup wasn't completed! I said it was. I also wondered aloud whether it was even connected to the right account. He said no, I just needed to complete the setup. I asked if he was sure, my app was showing different battery range than my car. No he assured me. You can see where this is going.

I login to my Onstar account, nothing is waiting for setup, but I now notice that the VIN is not my car, lol. Call Onstar again. The lady tells me I'll have to fix that. I said, no, Onstar needs to fix it. They did the setup. Finally get another tech on the call and he sees the issue and fixes it.

So it required three setups, 5 Onstar reps. The only rep that was any good was the last. Sometimes I think they should change their name to NoStar.

P.S. Remeber, I was honking the horn, flashing the lights, locking and unlocking another Bolt somewhere. So add that to the list. If that was your car, sorry. :(
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