[ad#post_ad]The Chevrolet Cruze is the gas-powered sister car to the Chevy Volt, riding atop the same global compact delta platform.  It is also one of GM's greatest hopes for its future, a feature-packed luxury-like small car in an affordable price range.  It is designed to sell at high volumes and compete head on with bread and butter cars like the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic.  And unlike GM's past small cars is to be sold at a profit.

The car has been on sale for more than a year internationally with over 165,000 having been sold, and starting today launches in the United States.  The first US retail Cruze rolled off GMs Lordstown Ohio production line at 10:30 AM today and will be delivered to a dealership. The  configurator is now online, and pricing will begin below $17,000.

Accompanying the launch of GMs most important car next to the Volt, will be an advertising blitz including television commercials.  Movie and TV star Tim Allen, perhaps known best for his most famous role on the Home Improvement TV series, is GMs choice for the voice and spokesperson for the car, and indeed the Chevrolet brand as a whole.

Joel Ewanick who comes from Hyundai and is GMs new marketing chief told Automotive News his views on advertising the Chevrolet brand.  He said GM wont hammer home the message that Chevrolet is an American icon.  "The nice thing about Chevrolet is that people know it's an American brand," he said. "We don't need to remind them of the obvious."

Ewanick doesn't prefer the term social media it seems.  "Maybe we need to change the language, it's not media, it's social engagement," he said. "Aren't we causing a conversation? Media is when you buy television or print."  Whatever you call it, he promised some new social initiatives.  "We're going to do interesting things ," he said.  "Even this fall with the Cruze launch. "

He also doesn't believe Chevrolet needs a special theme or tagline. "I think the bow tie speaks for itself." said. "And you'll see us use the bow tie prominently and proudly in everything we do. "

Ewanick feels strongly about having halo cars for the brand, and sees them as a good thing.  "We should be using the Corvette to make a statement about Chevrolet," he said. "Tying the Corvette to Chevrolet is a beautiful thing."

"The Chevrolet brand has several halos, he said.  "The Camaro could be a halo. You could look at the Volt as a halo product."

"I hope we turn the Cruze into a halo in that segment," he added.

GM has released two 30 seconds commercials including Allen's narration which have begun appearing on national television.

You can see them below:

Source ( GM ) and ( Automotive News )