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Check engine light P1EE6

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I have check engine light Onstar rep said code P1EE6. Car would not charge both 240v or 120, car runs and mountain mode works. Any idea what needs to be replace? Thanks.
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Yesterday coming back home my son turn the heat all the way up. Could that cause the issue?
I did drop the car to the dealer this afternoon hopefully they'll check it tomorrow. Its funny when I told the service rep the car problem, his first reaction oh your going to need a new 12v battery. I said to myself how stupid this guy is he just want sell me parts I don't need at the moment!
After taking the Volt twice to the gm tech finally got it back fix and working. P1EE6 = Replacing onboard charger part #24270696 under warranty!
1 - 4 of 19 Posts