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Charging your EV in Shanghai, China

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I heard this on NPR News yesterday:

What's Driving The Electric Car Trend In China?

GREENE: Avoiding traffic is a big deal. I can understand now why you're - this means building your dreams, Yang. But let me ask you about the hard thing, which is the charging. Frank mentioned that it's really hard to charge these vehicles. I mean, I've visited Frank in Shanghai. I know there are skyscrapers and high-rises. Where exactly do you charge this thing?

ZHOU: I have to admit that charging the car is really a hassle. Every time I do it, I have to lower an extension cord from my apartment, which is on the 11th floor.

GREENE: That's a long extension cord, Yang.

ZHOU: Oh, yeah, it's very long. And it's really heavy (laughter). It takes seven hours to charge the car.
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Wow. That'd be something like 150' extension cord depending on how tall a single story is.
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