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Charging time 16 amp

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I have a ClipperCreek 16 amp 240v which I use for my Chevy volt. I’m thinking about buying a Bolt.
How long will a Bolt take to charge with my CC 16 amp?
I am just wondering if it is worth the cost of a new unit and install.
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To give you a better cost analysis we would need more information.

I currently have a ClipperCreek 16 AMP and I use it to top off my Model S along with my Volts. My avg daily commute is 80 miles/day and I can charge enough at night to get back that range. Weekends are trickier since we can do 100 - 200 miles, but that is what the Superchargers are for if needed.

So you can break it down from a:
*Convenience standpoint - yes, get the larger one
*Cost Value - Figure out how much to purchase/install maybe minus selling price of the unit, figure out how long until payback. Also, how does TOU play into this (if available)?
*Test out phase - If your commute is not that long, try it with the 16 amp for a while. If it doesn't work, then supplement until you can install the 32+amp ClipperCreek.
*Going from 1 PHEV/BEV to 2 - Maybe get a device capable of splitting the charge between two cars overnight (Juicebox has one I think)

Just remember your Volt only takes 3.3kW so having the higher one has zero effect on it.

There are always a lot of considerations.

Day to day, 16 amps is fine.
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