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Charging time 16 amp

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I have a ClipperCreek 16 amp 240v which I use for my Chevy volt. I’m thinking about buying a Bolt.
How long will a Bolt take to charge with my CC 16 amp?
I am just wondering if it is worth the cost of a new unit and install.
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Yes. And as suggested above, your battery longevity will also be improved by only charging up to 75% or so. That keeps a good buffer to protect it. (This is the way the Volt battery pack is designed). You don’t need all that range every day for commuting. If I had a Bolt I would only use the full range very occasionally only if on a longer trip.
Turning on Hilltop Reserve is plenty to keep the battery out of the straining zone. I'd be unsurprised to hear that many, many people who do not live on hills use Hilltop Reserve as a matter of course.
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