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Charging time 16 amp

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I have a ClipperCreek 16 amp 240v which I use for my Chevy volt. I’m thinking about buying a Bolt.
How long will a Bolt take to charge with my CC 16 amp?
I am just wondering if it is worth the cost of a new unit and install.
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Most of the time, I leave my Bolt EV in Hilltop Reserve Mode, which stops charging when the battery hits 88%. The 2019 Bolt EVs have a control feature that allows you to choose your maximum battery charge level in 5% increments from 40% up to 100%. For daily driving, unless you need the range, I'd recommend keeping your battery set to a maximum of 70% to 80%. If you never dip down below 20% with those settings, a 16 A EVSE will recharge the Bolt EV to "full" in a night.

Short answer is, as a Bolt EV owner, I wouldn't upgrade to a 32 A if I already had a 16 A installed.
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