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Charging Override / Interrupt Occurred - More issues

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Numerous times while connected to my at home L2 Juicebox 40 pro the car seems to reset the connection.
This is after getting car back from GM from very recent issue (notes below).

I get a "Charging Override / Interrupt Occurred" message on my screen.
The charge picks back up after about 1 minute and continues on.

This, unfortunately, is part of what looks to be either and issue with my Bolt of my Juicebox. I have spent time on support line with an eMotorwerks tech and he is unable to see anything in his system that would indicate an issue.

I am very concerned I have something wrong with the Bolt beyond what GM indicated.

Here's history as brief as possible but include all info I can recall:

- Picked up car 2 weeks ago. Car was charged minimally upon pickup and I made it home OK but did get "Propulsion Reduced" notification which is normal for this situation. (just noting this as something that happened- dont believe at all related to anything else)
- Drove car normally for 2 weeks - used L1 at home and L2 and DC chargers around town. Fully charged a few times using DC and L2 chargers (Blink and evGo stations) and dont recall ever seeing the interrupt message that I can recall.
-Had electrician install outlet in garage
-purchased new Juicebox 40 pro
-Upon very first connection to the JB 40 everything seemed to work exactly as normal. I was currently at almost 80% of charge - I connected power and then got in the car and set temp override to start immediate charging (I had it on off-hours only) and also set the hilltop to OFF so that it would do a full charge.
-After about 20 min or so of charging, before it was fully charged I disconnected to go to store
-Turned car on and got Propulsion Reduced notification on screen
-Service Car light also came on
-Restarting car cleared the PPR notice but Service Light stayed on
-Took car into Chevy and the returned it after clearing the light (full details below)
-Upon next time charging at home (first time since taking car in) I got a few texts via Chevy App that my charging had been interrupted.
-Looking at the Juicebox I see dips where the charging goes to zero then goes back to normal.
-Another ODD item that I notice is when the car is connected it sometimes kicks on the fan at INSANE level. I hear it all the time running then shutting off, then on again. But it occasionally goes VERY loud - I have never heard this before with my L1 charger and my garage has been continually in the upper 110+ temps for last 2 weeks -- it is so damn warm here in Arizona.
-I cannot confirm this for all times but I am certain that one time it disconnected from charging was after the fan went the high level. I heard the fan go to the high speed, stay there for a couple minutes then it stopped and the Juicebox made the clicks that occur when I disconnect the charger handle from the car. Then about 1 min later it went back to regular fan and continued on. The green charge indicator never went amber that i saw. stayed green.
-I kept the charger in all night, fully charged fine for the last hour of the hilltop charge. The last while it tapered down the amps and did not have any disconnects.

Heres the details from the trip to the GM service center after they cleared light and told me it was something "they were working on" with software.

Here's exact notes on my paperwork:

Called TAC case xxxxxx Codes P0AEE, P9BD2, P0BDC - Instructed to take snapshot of power inverter module temperature and send to engineering. Unrealized 24285374 sl-n-module Instructed to direct customer this condition is being worked on by gm engineers. if code comes back necessary to clear code and turn vehicle back to customer.
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You already have a thread on this problem. Please post this update in that thread. A second thread about the same incident and issue simply confuses things.

As speculated, you have determined that the JuiceBox is connected to the problem. You can continue to try and use the JuiceBox and continue to throw error messages or you can use a different charging method until GM has figured out the problem. FYI we saw these issues when the original EVSE were released. Doesn't mean anyone is at fault, though that's possible, just that there are some incompatibilities.
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