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Charging away from home

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Had my first visit to a local Chevy dealer a couple of weeks ago to look at a Bolt and was mostly pleased. The largest problem was not seeing a CHAdeMO plug. I understand that Chevy said charging would be available using one and that it would also be available at Tesla Superchargers. That has since been shown to be false. The dealer had no one who knew what I was talking about. I got an offer through email with no information about quick charging. Sent a reply asking again about quick charge. No reply. What is going on?
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Many thanks to all. It looks as if it might be well to hold off purchase until this is resolved.


The charging standard on the Bolt uses the North American Standard set by the SAE. This is used by GM, BMW, etc and the number of chargers will only increase since this is the standard. CHADEMO is the Japanese standard, so it makes no sense to buy a new car with it in America. Tesla uses their own proprietary standard. Hopefully they will switch to the standard and provide adapters for their "older" proprietary connectors. Hence there is no need to wait. I'm personally very hesitant to buy a car that isn't standards compliant.

This is a good resource to see the current chargers in your area. As noted before, CCS is the North American standard. The number of chargers will increase.
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