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Charging at 12 volts with factory charger w departure time

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I use the factory charger and have it adapted to charge at 12 volts - so it takes approximately 4 hours for a full charge. But when I set charge for departure time, it begins to charge far before the 4 hour time. How do I calculate my departure time setting with the charging set up I have?

Appreciate any insights
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I may not have adapted it to 12. But I do choose 12 on the console, the factory 110 plug, plugs into a 110 short cord with a 220 plug on the end, I plug the 220 plug into a 240 receptacle and charge in 4+ hours.

Do you know if this over ride can be disabled?
Sounds to me like you are attempting to modify the OEM EVSE for your Gen 2 Volt so that you can use it to charge the car at the 240-volt, L2 charging level. The 8/12 amp charge limit preference option applies only to 120-volt, L1 level charging. I don’t know what you mean by "I choose 12 on the console" if you are expecting to charge at the L2 level.

If the car recognizes it is plugged into a 240-volt outlet, the charger unit inside the car will regulate the current flow (my understanding is that using the OEM EVSE will limit charging to 12 amps at 240 volts).

Are you sure the adapter cable configuration you are using allows the OEM EVSE to operate at 240 volts? Or is it perhaps feeding the car only 120 volts?

Are you plugging the EVSE+adapter cable into the 240 volt wall socket BEFORE you plug the EVSE into the car, or are you plugging into the car first, and THEN plugging into the wall socket? Perhaps if you are plugging into the car first, and then into the wall socket, the car is interpreting this as a "double plug," i.e., as a request to being charging IMMEDIATELY.

The Gen 2 Volts have the ability to use Location Based Charging to configure the charging arrangements for the "usual" recharging location, usually at home. There you configure the car for delayed/departure time charging, and when the GPS determines the car is in the "home" location, charging will be delayed, and all other locations, charging will begin immediately. Is it possible there is a Home location already set for your Volt, and you are not in that GPS location when you plug into the wall, so the charging is immediate?

Note, too, that for the Gen 2 Volts, the Charge Rate information screen lists an entry for Charge Completion, with two options: Earliest Possible/Latest Possible. I would expect this selection to apply only when also using Rate Based charging (i.e., so you can start charging as soon as the Off-Peak rates apply, rather than as late as possible to have charging completed not long before the scheduled departure time), but the 2017 Volt manual I’m looking at says, "Use the Earliest setting to charge as soon as possible if there is a planned departure prior to the scheduled departure time. Use the Latest setting to optimize energy usage." That suggests if the setting is configured for Earliest Possible with a scheduled departure time but no rate-based charging, charging will begin immediately.
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