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Charging at 12 volts with factory charger w departure time

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I use the factory charger and have it adapted to charge at 12 volts - so it takes approximately 4 hours for a full charge. But when I set charge for departure time, it begins to charge far before the 4 hour time. How do I calculate my departure time setting with the charging set up I have?

Appreciate any insights
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Yes, 12A...not 12V. Also, in the U.S., residential single-phase voltages are 120 and 240. There's no such thing as 110 or 220V. My 240V EVSE is 40A-capable. The car draws around 15-16A at 240V and full charge rate. Last week, I plugged the car in when the indicated SOC was "0". I just happened to be present when it hit "full" and stopped charging 3 hours and 45 minutes later...
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