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Chargepoint home??? Can I use J1772 that came with gen1 volt???

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I picked up a Chargepoint home at an auction. I looks brand new but didn't come with the J1772 cord. My gen one EVSE crapped out sometime ago, so I was wondering if I could use it instead a buying one from Chargepoint.

Hope you can help.


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Not sure about the ChargePoint model, but perhaps it lets you set a lower current limit. If your J1772 cable is 14AWG, 16A is ok, but definitely not 32A. Of course, the Volt will never draw more than 16A, so you're ok, but you'd never want to plug that combination into a Bolt-EV.

Some cords are only 16AWG (2016+), if so, I wouldn't do it. Should limit current to 12A in that case.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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