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ChargePoint customer service

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Sat. we took our first road trip in my new 2017 Volt. Drove up to Santa Barbara, about 54 miles one way. Found a charging station in public parking area, a ChargePoint station. The display simply stated $2/session.....nothing else. Plugged in and enjoyed our day.

Later after we got home I received a notification from ChargePoint that the total bill was $4.19 for the charging session. Not bad at all. Except, the station said $2/session. Sent an email to ChargePoint asking about this. The following day (Sunday) I received a response stating the station owner charges $2/session AND for the total electric used, thus $4.19

However, due to the confusion, ChargePoint refunded the entire $4.19 back to my account. I thought this was darn good service and a pleasant surprise.
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Yup, I agree. That was why I even bothered with contacting them. Didn't realize that they had no control over pricing, etc. Live and learn I guess.
Good point. I will do that. Thanks
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