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I give up and want to change my 2013 door to the 2014 style. The one without the fancy release that is a lemon design.

How do I do that? I want the push to release door instead.

I have THREE VOLTS so this is really going to be an irritation if this is a consistent problem.:mad::mad:

FWIW, I've tried lubing up the pin and everything else. THE LATCH WONT RELEASE SO THERE IS NO SHOT AT PRYING IT OPEN WITH ANYTHING.

The problem gets worse as it gets colder. Here in the frozen midwest, I've had to have a space heater blowing on it for hours before it releases.

When it's warm, the actuator moves the full travel just like my other two Volts. But when the thing gets cold, it makes very little noise as it tries to move the pin and the PIN DOES NOT MOVE.
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