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Most common reason to delay charging, I suspect, would be to reduce the cost by charging during off-peak rate times (delayed based on rates). Another reason would be to finish charging shortly before departure time (delayed based on departure time).

I suspect most people want to have the car charged by the following day’s departure time, and there is no easy method of delaying for multiple days via the settings in the car. You could always create a timer delay for the wall plug power.

Don’t know if you could delay a full charge for multiple days by setting up a Delayed Based on Electric Rates/Departure Time schedule, setting the rate preference to charge during Off Peak rates only, and then setting only Peak Rates for the intervening days and Off Peak for the desired charging day.

For example, plug in on Monday, want to start charging at 3 pm on Thursday. Rate preference set to charge during Off Peak rates only.

Schedule Monday for Peak Rates all day. Tuesday for Peak Rates all day. Wednesday for Peak Rates all day. On Thursday, Off Peak Rates begin at 3:00 pm and end at midnight, scheduled departure time is 11:00 pm on Thursday.

Will charging be delayed until the first Off Peak rate period at 3 pm on Thursday?

Or perhaps charging will begin immediately on Monday because the manual reads, "Also, if the selected electric rate settings result in a very long charge completion time, the vehicle will start charging immediately upon plug-in. For example, if the electric rate table is set up with all “Peak” rates and the rate preference is to charge during “Off-Peak” rates only, then the vehicle will start charging immediately upon plug-in."

Perhaps if you assigned 1 hour of Off Peak rates from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm and scheduled departure times for 11:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then plugged in on Monday... the car would charge for one Off Peak hour only Monday-Wednesday, then complete the charge during the Off Peak hours on Thursday. I suspect, however, that because 1 hour of Off Peak rates is not enough to charge the car before the next scheduled departure time, charging would begin immediately when you plugged in on Monday.
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