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Charge cord handledare dismantle

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Can some one please tell me how to dismantle the charge cord handledare ? I did not use my car for some 5 weeks which made the handledare release clogg up so when I started using it again the release mechanisme did not release the "hook". The next time some thing broke inside and not I have to pull it by force to get it out.
Has someone here dismantled the handle or can point to a page in the service manual where the dismantling is described ?
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Thanks guys, your the best.
Indien it was the Swedish spellcheck that interferens and chansen the Word handledare.
Or in english; indeed it was the Swedish spellcheck that interfered and changed the word handle. Sorry about any confusion.
Took it apart today with out any hassle, its always easy when you know how.
Inside i found a small roller rattling around and when i found where it should be everything worked just fine.
So, Thanks again guys.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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