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CEO Challenge: A major thrust and "We must have incentives" --- "There is no time"

Challenge issued at the annual CEO Summit of venture capital leaders:
So we have as a major thrust -- convince every kid in the world to become interested in engineering to solve this global crisis, and focus on electricity, and on storage of power and energy, and on transmission systems to carry that to where we need to use it.

Andy Grove, one of the legendary chairmen of Silicon Valley high-tech said on Friday, is government intervention necessary, and his answer, this capitalist head of one of the world's most successful techno companies, is "absolutely yes." We must have incentives for solar, we must have incentives to move to electric vehicles, we must have incentives and a coherent, solid plan backed by all of us. And as Andy Grove said, "This is a global threat. There is no time." He kept saying that: "There is no time".

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