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Center speaker disconnect.

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I finally got around to disconnecting my center speaker and I can't tell you how much of a difference this has made in my Premier BOSE system. I encourage anyone who is unhappy with the BOSE system to first unplug the center speaker and give a listen.

I've had my VOLT about 5 days and was very unhappy with the stereo sound quality. i couldn't find a tone setting that was good and could'nt stand to turn it up. I was literally getting headaches, sinus aches and an inner ear pressure feeling. I was wondering what was going on, why my VOLT was affecting me....some kind of electro-magnetic reaction to the battery?

Then I remembered, My Prius had the premium JBL stereo with center speaker, and i couldn't stand it, until I read a post where someone suggested disconnecting the center speaker. I did and enjoyed the audio from then on.

Well, sure enough, the VOLT has a center speaker......and I disconnected it ! Problem solved. No more headaches or discomfort and the stereo sound pretty pretty good now. Appearenty that center channel screws up the stereo imaging.

Easy to do, just pry up the v-shaped center panel behind the infotainment screen and under there is the speaker. i had to remove it to disconnect the wire, which has a latch-tab that you cant get to without removing the speaker.

Hope this helps someone else that may be unhappy with the BOSE system
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