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Carmax buy price for 2017?

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Anybody have any experience selling Carmax a 2017 LT? I'm wanting to get a price from them as a potential easy way to get out of my lease since I am moving and the cost to ship the car is pretty high. I know it's best to just go there but where I live there isn't a Carmax nearby so was wondering if anybody had an idea of what they pay before I drive an hour.
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Not true. Current zero down, tax included, all fees included deals are about $260 per month. It's not worthwhile to change cars.
Not sure how much KY specifically charges but yes, doubtful he'll be able to swap without putting in an incentive...So the question to the OP is how much would you pay to get out of it? $500? $1000? etc...If it's not at least a thousand the best course of action is to keep it...Bonus in Cali is they can get the HOV sticker...Just be glad you didn't purchase it or you'd be looking at over a ten grand loss...
So I found my expired Carmax offer for my '17 Volt was actually $18k, not $20k. $20k is what some other used car buyer offered me.
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