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Carmax buy price for 2017?

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Anybody have any experience selling Carmax a 2017 LT? I'm wanting to get a price from them as a potential easy way to get out of my lease since I am moving and the cost to ship the car is pretty high. I know it's best to just go there but where I live there isn't a Carmax nearby so was wondering if anybody had an idea of what they pay before I drive an hour.
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The issue for me is in California the leases are way less to begin with so my $299.91/month lease is not attractive vs. just leasing a brand new one. In my area though my lease price is really good so hopefully I can just find somebody local to take it over.
Not true. Current zero down, tax included, all fees included deals are about $260 per month. It's not worthwhile to change cars.
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