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Carmax buy price for 2017?

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Anybody have any experience selling Carmax a 2017 LT? I'm wanting to get a price from them as a potential easy way to get out of my lease since I am moving and the cost to ship the car is pretty high. I know it's best to just go there but where I live there isn't a Carmax nearby so was wondering if anybody had an idea of what they pay before I drive an hour.
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Ha... that's pretty much what I expected from them based on my past experiences. Where did you find the person to take over the lease? I'm considering that route too.
Just called GM Financial and they informed me that to do a lease assumption both parties must live in the same state... that seems to be rather limiting for me.
Carmax in Indianapolis offered me $21,000 today. 2017 LT with 6100 miles. So obviously won't be taking that offer.

When I talked to GM regarding the lease they said that if I move then the policy just shifts to the new state and I have to transfer the lease to somebody in the new state.

The issue for me is in California the leases are way less to begin with so my $299.91/month lease is not attractive vs. just leasing a brand new one. In my area though my lease price is really good so hopefully I can just find somebody local to take it over.
The thing is that once I'm in CA I could re-lease a Volt or Bolt for far less than I'm paying now so the equation includes not only the shipping cost but the monthly savings over the course of the lease.
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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