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Car will not start up (accessory mode only)

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Wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Started when I was just putting something into the car, as the speedometer display came on without me pressing the power button in the car or my my remote/app. Walked over to the driver side, and tried starting car approx. 10 times and speedometer display would come up with all of the warning lights lit. Occasionally a "Service Airbag" message came on. Also when on, the screen would jump between dim and bright about every 3 seconds. Sometimes it wouldn't let me put the car into gear, and other times when I put the car into gear there was no propulsion.

It did this once about a week ago, and I was hoping that this was a one off thing, but every time I have started my car today, I have had to go thru this. Dealership is closed today due to the weather. Will call them tomorrow. Any ideas, or any questions for me?
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As of tonight (close of business), still waiting on engineering to advise dealership. I don't know if it helped or not, but I also called into GM, as my less than 3 month old car has now been in the shop for 9 days without resolution. Any other recommendations for escalation?
Sometimes the GM Customer Svc account here on the forums can help escalate a situation. They managed to get my car towed for free from the Wisconsin Dells down to the west Chicago suburbs where I live after it left me stranded two months after I bought it. The challenge in your situation is that they have to schedule an engineer to look at the car, which can be difficult because there aren't very many Voltec-trained engineers compared to all the other GM service technicians.
I see from your signature that you've had some issues with your 2016 Volt. Have they been since rectified, or are you still having issues as well?
Day 14 update - Still troubleshooting. They think it is cold temperature and low speed only that triggers it. Talking about an issue with one of 15 sensors/modules, etc. Headed to dealership today to discuss, as it seems like we are still at (or fairly close) to square one.
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