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Car will not start up (accessory mode only)

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Wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Started when I was just putting something into the car, as the speedometer display came on without me pressing the power button in the car or my my remote/app. Walked over to the driver side, and tried starting car approx. 10 times and speedometer display would come up with all of the warning lights lit. Occasionally a "Service Airbag" message came on. Also when on, the screen would jump between dim and bright about every 3 seconds. Sometimes it wouldn't let me put the car into gear, and other times when I put the car into gear there was no propulsion.

It did this once about a week ago, and I was hoping that this was a one off thing, but every time I have started my car today, I have had to go thru this. Dealership is closed today due to the weather. Will call them tomorrow. Any ideas, or any questions for me?
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If you're getting random "Service XXXX" messages, you have a dead 12V battery. Either something drained the battery, or the battery itself is defective. Your dealer should be able to do a free test to see if it's defective or not and it should be covered under warranty if it is. In the meantime, jump start the car with another vehicle or try plugging in your EVSE charger and starting it.
Alternately, it can be a loose battery cable such as this one example:

With all the computers in the Volt, it can do some very strange things if there is unstable 12V power.
I keep forgetting to check this on mine...
As of tonight (close of business), still waiting on engineering to advise dealership. I don't know if it helped or not, but I also called into GM, as my less than 3 month old car has now been in the shop for 9 days without resolution. Any other recommendations for escalation?
Sometimes the GM Customer Svc account here on the forums can help escalate a situation. They managed to get my car towed for free from the Wisconsin Dells down to the west Chicago suburbs where I live after it left me stranded two months after I bought it. The challenge in your situation is that they have to schedule an engineer to look at the car, which can be difficult because there aren't very many Voltec-trained engineers compared to all the other GM service technicians.
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