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Car will not start up (accessory mode only)

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Wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Started when I was just putting something into the car, as the speedometer display came on without me pressing the power button in the car or my my remote/app. Walked over to the driver side, and tried starting car approx. 10 times and speedometer display would come up with all of the warning lights lit. Occasionally a "Service Airbag" message came on. Also when on, the screen would jump between dim and bright about every 3 seconds. Sometimes it wouldn't let me put the car into gear, and other times when I put the car into gear there was no propulsion.

It did this once about a week ago, and I was hoping that this was a one off thing, but every time I have started my car today, I have had to go thru this. Dealership is closed today due to the weather. Will call them tomorrow. Any ideas, or any questions for me?
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Dropped off at dealer. Of course it was fine today. I called Onstar today, didn't know that was an option. They couldn't see any current codes, and I guess they can't pull up past history.
Were you seeing "shift to park" on the message on the dash display?

With the Volt, simply bringing the keyfab out of range seems to reset some functions of the car...Been reported a few times on here...
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