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Car and Driver Comparison Test: Volt vs. Prius Prime

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Well, that didn't take long for a comparison test to show up in this month's issue. Please note that it is not online yet (sorry). I'll summarize their results:

Prius: Ugly, slow in hybrid mode, ugly, really slow in BEV mode, roomy
Volt: Looks a bit like an Elantra, drives great, tight rear seating, quick, and worth the extra money

Winner (by a healthy margin): Volt
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Did they give it the "Pick up a girl for a date test"? Bet not..... There is no bigger douche-canoe than the new Prius. Its so douche-baggy they replaced the new car scent with AX "Harmony" body spray and saw a 10% increase in sales.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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