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Car and Driver Comparison Test: Volt vs. Prius Prime

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Well, that didn't take long for a comparison test to show up in this month's issue. Please note that it is not online yet (sorry). I'll summarize their results:

Prius: Ugly, slow in hybrid mode, ugly, really slow in BEV mode, roomy
Volt: Looks a bit like an Elantra, drives great, tight rear seating, quick, and worth the extra money

Winner (by a healthy margin): Volt
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As I was reading his post, I was thinking "man this guy sounds like Elemental" and then I realized he WAS the guy who posted it. LOL
How could you miss that avatar? Oh yeah, you only moderate for the articles ;)
"The Volt has a 45 mile range" ??? In Los Angeles??

In 28 degree Portland weather my worst was around 52, semi-hilly.
I typically get 45 to 50 miles range on a full charge here in the LA area. Keep in mind that if you are going 70MPH on the freeway you are probably backing traffic up. At 65MPH you can start to piss people off, sometimes even at 70.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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