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Car and Driver Comparison Test: Volt vs. Prius Prime

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Well, that didn't take long for a comparison test to show up in this month's issue. Please note that it is not online yet (sorry). I'll summarize their results:

Prius: Ugly, slow in hybrid mode, ugly, really slow in BEV mode, roomy
Volt: Looks a bit like an Elantra, drives great, tight rear seating, quick, and worth the extra money

Winner (by a healthy margin): Volt
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Truth be told, at todays prices, with many reporting $5K off the Volt's MSRP and the fact the Prime is in demand due to being new, they're about the same out the door price for the base model...However, want safety equipment in the Volt? That'll be $5000 (MSRP) over the base to get the Premier, C1 and C2...
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