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Sorry to hear about your troubles -- 2017 owner here who's car decided to just die in the middle of driving home from work and left me stranded on the side of the road. (12V system died after I got underway)

I'll say this -- don't expect GM to be particularly helpful, after I got my car back from being towed/fixed (2nd time it's had fuse/electrical issues) when I started asking questions or to talk to someone higher up the Volt Advisors/GM reps here on the forum just tried to spin me around and say "we cant give out that information", but we can refer you back to the dealer.

For me, it was some fuse that blew making the 12V system not ever able to top up. First time it was in the shop a high voltage fuse blew. Apparently the volt eats all the rare fuses you throw at it.

The car itself when working is amazing, but I've had mine a little over 6 months and between the problems and GM as a company being a dick I'll actually be looking into a Model3 a year or two after release. It feels wrong and weird to say that especially considering I JUST bought my volt.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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