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Can't completely clean the rear of my Volt - advice?

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I love my Volt but I find that the rear of the car gets filthy very quickly and easily, and is resistant to cleaning. Maybe it's worse with the car's "white diamond" paint, but I am having a hard time removing all the dirt and grime from the rear surfaces. Anyone else have this problem? How'd you solve it? I'd be interested in hearing what cleaning products (and/or tools) you use that work well for you on this part of the car. Thanks.
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Soapy water with a wash mitt has always worked for me.
Thanks, very helpful, I will try these. I have only used a wool mitt and soapy water and rinse. That's fine for everywhere except the back of the car.
Then try a different soap. There is nothing magical about the rear of the car that prevents dirt from being washed away. The only other possibility is it's not road dirt on your car but is some sort of petroleum grease, oil, tar, etc. For that you may need mineral spirits.
it was amazing to simply rinse brake dust off.
I have a Volt, so my question is, what's brake dust? hahaha

I use Turtle Wax ICE spritz and wipe wax after washing. It doesn't stop dirt collecting, nothing does. But its fast and easy to apply a shine to the car and I use it on my exterior windows like RainX but without the worry about paint and plastic damage.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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