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Can't completely clean the rear of my Volt - advice?

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I love my Volt but I find that the rear of the car gets filthy very quickly and easily, and is resistant to cleaning. Maybe it's worse with the car's "white diamond" paint, but I am having a hard time removing all the dirt and grime from the rear surfaces. Anyone else have this problem? How'd you solve it? I'd be interested in hearing what cleaning products (and/or tools) you use that work well for you on this part of the car. Thanks.
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Thanks, very helpful, I will try these. I have only used a wool mitt and soapy water and rinse. That's fine for everywhere except the back of the car.
What if I applied Rain-X to the entire rear of the car (not just the lower rear window) -- Any reason not to try that? Might that not help to repel some of the dirt?
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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