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Can't completely clean the rear of my Volt - advice?

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I love my Volt but I find that the rear of the car gets filthy very quickly and easily, and is resistant to cleaning. Maybe it's worse with the car's "white diamond" paint, but I am having a hard time removing all the dirt and grime from the rear surfaces. Anyone else have this problem? How'd you solve it? I'd be interested in hearing what cleaning products (and/or tools) you use that work well for you on this part of the car. Thanks.
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I use a power washer (Ryobi 2000 psi), maguires car cleaner (a liquid polish that allows me to gently rub out any sticky stuff with a small towel) then any good wax (I usually use nu-finish but years ago a guy moving to Cali gave me his menagerie of bottles in his garage, so I've spent a decade trying to use up his random stuff of turtle wax, liquid glass, armorall, etc.)
What if I applied Rain-X to the entire rear of the car (not just the lower rear window) -- Any reason not to try that? Might that not help to repel some of the dirt?
I'm pretty sure the rainX bottle says to not put it on paint, only glass. But in the interest of science, you can try it out and report back if your rear end clearcost gets ruined as a result.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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