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Can't communicate with Engine Control Module

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My 2013 Volt couldn't start, when I turn on, the front panel initializing took a minute then it appear with 6 vehicle messages: Service Brake Assist, Service StabiliTrak, Fuel Level Low, Service Power Steering, Ice Possible. Drive with Care and Service Theft Deterrent System. I had to tow the car to the dealer. First they charged me $286 to replace the battery, then they said that the car couldn't communicate with Engine Control Module (ECM) and they would charge $585 just access to ECM to find out what wrong and would quote to see how much to fix. I think it's rip off. The reason my car was lock out because I brought it to the a garage shop and they hook up an aftermarket device to run the diagnostic because of the headlight and the fuse burned. I'm having a headache with this car. Should I bring the car back to the dealer because they're the one place that can fix this problem. And I don't think it's going to be cheap. Any opinion would be much appreciate. Owning an Electric is not as fun as I thought it should be.
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Dealers are not all the same. See if you can find a better one. The battery charge seems excessive. I had mine replaced and while I don't remember the cost it wasn't that high (but I could be wrong). However, if they replaced the battery because they thought that was the cause AND it wasn't, then the battery would seem to be on them. And yes, I think there is a very good chance this is covered by your powertrain warranty.
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