One hundred and seventy-eight Chevrolet Volts turned out to be the by-far heaviest plug-in car presence at a world record gathering last Friday in Montreal.

Photo credit: Frédéric Lavigne

The Canadian event billed as the "biggest EV rally" qualified for a Guinness Book of World Record notation after 438 vehicles cars showed up to eclipse the 305 that amassed in Zurich last year.

Organized by the CNTA , which is short for (in English) National Advanced Transportation Center, the event drew drivers from Canada and the U.S. to the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montréal.

The event also coincided with the second year for Get Connected Day on the 18th and 19th where the public was invited to drive EVs.

In actuality, the event included true plug-in hybrids, and counted also were 11 Toyota plug-in Prii, seven C-Max Energis, six Fusion Energis.

There were also 94 Leafs, 59 Model S sedans, 20 MiEVs, 16 Focus EVs, 11 Smart EDs, three Lito Soras, three Tesla Roadsters, three VBVs, three Zero motorcycles, zero 3 motorcycles (just kidding), one Fisker Karma, one Via V-Trux, one LTS Electric boat, two ELRs, and one Spark EV (thanks Raymond!).

How about you? Were you there?

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Hope everyone here has a happy Earth Day.