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Can the "Plug In to Charge" display be turned off?

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OK, I know I have to plug the car in to charge. Can I turn this idiot notice off? 2017 Volt.
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I don't even notice it. I just automatically plug the car in. Why even worry about it? Does it make noise or something?
My Gen 1 does say "fully charged" when I open the door and "charge cord connected" if I start it and won't let it get out of park if the cord isn't removed. Gen 2 is different in this regard?
It only appears when I'm getting into the car to go somewhere. Now if it checked and saw it was plugged in and put up an "Unplug to Drive" notice that would be mildly useful. I'm actually surprised, given how well thought out the rest of the instruments appear to be, that this got overlooked.
It serves as a reminder that you parked the car and didn't plug in. Might still be useful in some cases.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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