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Can someone stop your car from charging without setting off the alarm?

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I have reason to believe that someone is somehow interrupting my charge, out of spite. I'm not sure how that is possible without triggering the loud alarm. But in several cases, I'll confirm that the green light is on (Mode: Charge Immediately) and when I come back at the end of the day the EV miles are the same as when I plugged it in (i.e. it didn't charge much at all).

Normally I would chalk this up to some sort of occasional charging glitch. But there is an interesting coincidence. Every time this has happened, it's when I've parked in a particular spot that has been "claimed" by an i3 BMW who leaves his charge cord plugged in whenever he leaves to "hold his spot." The policy is first-come first-served, but I have a feeling this individual is tampering with my charge cord because he is upset I'm taking his "personal" space. I'm planning on reporting this to our Operations Dept. But first I want to confirm that this is possible. And not some crazy coincidence.
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I think this is some technical glitch, maybe caused by your having the wrong charge mode selected- are you using delayed charging? Or it might be some kind of low voltage problem. Monitor your charge on the myVolt website.

Also, if you have both of the charge alarms set and armed by locking your car, they will go off if he unplugs it from the car or the wall, so no, there is no sneaky way he could be doing this.

Also, if he is unplugging you, the cord would be unplugged when you returned to your car, and you did not say that is the case. Don't go postal on anybody until you really know what is happening.

Also, don't worry about his cord. It is his business if he wants to leave it somewhere while he is not using it. It does not hold the parking spot, so no need to feel put out by it.
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