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CAN logs from aux DLC port

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First off - I don't own a Volt. I am attempting to use the battery from a Volt in something totally different and I'd like to figure out the CAN messages that the Volt sends to the cell balance electronics while it's charging. I believe the information I want is only available on the HV side CAN bus, which is available on the aux DLC port. Does anyone have such a log they can share?

I'm in southern Wisconsin, so if you're within an hour or two I'd love to plug my CAN snooping gear into your Volt and get a log for myself.
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I'm game, if 53204 is close enough.
I sent you a PM with my contact info. LMK!
any update??? thanks
Yes! Hellsop hooked me up and I got tons of nice logging done on all the CAN busses on his Volt. I have been working on the hardware side of things. I laid out a PCB for my battery controller last weekend and my heating and cooling components are finally here so I have more work to do.

Pretty much everything useful on the CAN is hacked. Voltages, current, temps, etc. Everything except the cell balancing commands, which I have on my list of things to do in August. The Volt battery is so well made that I'm beginning to think balancing nearly never takes place.
BTW the cider was excellent. I should road trip westward sometime and bring the bottles and your clipboard. It's been a month since I ran the ICE....
I'm glad you liked it! I've got some new ones ready to drink you might like. I think we might be making a trip up there one of these days, too, so I can give you a shout.

Volt stays virtually balanced without any BMS, spread is usually under 5mv
I can share the logs if you want to see them, but that's what I saw, single digit millivolts. The pack that I am using for my project, however, had been sitting in a dead car and in my shop for about 1 year. 3 of the cell "packs" at the end of of the packs were pretty low, around 2 volts! I charged up just those cells manually, tested for sag and compensated, and it's been perfectly fine ever since.
I've reconfigured the battery pack. The voltage right now is 44.5 and I'm using it with 48 volt equipment. I'm not using the charger from the Volt, I built my own using 48v telecom rectifiers at about 9kw.
Electrical wiring Cable management Wire Electronics Electrical supply

Here's the battery going onto the rack I built for it. As you can see the modules are connected in parallel to get he voltage down.
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Actually, the pack is broken back down to get installed, so one person can move it all, except for the large battery section on top. That just requires two people to lift easily. I haven't used winols. You can use any can bus to USB converter to read the CAN bus.
I meand forklift equipment for the 48 volts equipment...dc motor,converter,...
I'm using telecom equipment because it works in the voltage range I need. It's the battery bank for my motorhome, so it runs all the 12vdc and 120/240vac loads.
Hey, notAhoser, what CAN bus snooping gear do you use, where did you get it, and how much did it cost. I might like to do a bit of Can-snooping too.
I use a laptop with Linux and a USB to CAN adapter. I bought one from 8devices called, simply, USB2CAN. It's $65 and it works perfectly. Linux has drivers built in and I use it with the Linux canlib and Wireshark. Wireshark is pretty useless for analysing CAN, but it's great for making really huge logs and searching them without problems. Once that's done I just export the frames and analyse using a few other tools (spreadsheet, etc).
Interestingly, says that USB2CAN units are out of stock. :(
There are other ones out there, but this was a nicely priced option and it works perfectly even under heavy load.

I think dat "the option" to upgrade the onboard charger is on the aux dlc port... i try to find
I'm not sure what you mean here - but the aux dlc port is the one that has the CAN bus with all the charging action on it.
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