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CAN logs from aux DLC port

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First off - I don't own a Volt. I am attempting to use the battery from a Volt in something totally different and I'd like to figure out the CAN messages that the Volt sends to the cell balance electronics while it's charging. I believe the information I want is only available on the HV side CAN bus, which is available on the aux DLC port. Does anyone have such a log they can share?

I'm in southern Wisconsin, so if you're within an hour or two I'd love to plug my CAN snooping gear into your Volt and get a log for myself.
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Just out of curiosity, hat is the spread in the cell voltages that you measured? I have not monitored cell voltages on my Volt, but my measurements on my 2011 LEAF show that 20 mV spread [highest-lowest] is not unusual.
Volt stays virtually balanced without any BMS, spread is usually under 5mv
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