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I've been thinking alot about how GM is going to market the Volt. Clearly they will advance the fact that NOTHING else offered by anyone is similar, particularily for the price. The benefits of the E-Flex chassis, the flexibilty, etc... "The Volt is the beginning of a revolution!", I can hear them saying already.

BUT, it will be to the other makers advantage to try to muddy the waters a little; Toyota, for example, will claim the Volt is GM's equivalent to the Prius, argue cost benefits especially if the Prius at the time is cheaper, etc.... Others may just say its nothing more than another hybrid, no big deal.

The general press is so clueless about this car (at least now) that they could report almost anything. The car mags, particularily the rag CR, have never really treated GM well, so I'm not sure they are willing to give them much credit either.

Will the general public be willing to learn about the technology and see the Volt for what it is, or will they be too lazy to differentiate it from anything else? Who's line will they take? Who will they believe in the marketing wars? GM needs to consider how to make those who do not venture to this website excited about how different the Volt really is.

It seems to me that the answer to this question it critical to the acceptance of the car, particularity if it is slightly more expensive than some other "hybrids". Anybody have any thought on this?
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