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They have different cell types. I believe one is high power/quick charge optimized and the other is optimized for plug-in applications (lower power, higher energy but still power capable enough for hybrid mode). I assume the Volt's will be similar to the latter and aren't capable of the 5 minute charge but I believe A123's website states 45 minutes. I'm still skeptical of battery life with quick charging (A123 or Altairnano). I haven't seen anything that addresses how life is affected.
I think you're right that the Volt would use the high energy battery version as opposed to the high power version. The link above quoted 5 minutes to 90% for the high power & 12 minutes to 80% for the high energy. This 12 minute number is still better than most LiIion batteries. I think that A123 has an inherent advantage because of the nanostructured electrode means that the Lithium Ions don't have to diffuse through large particles. This makes for inherently lower impedance & lower impedance for life.
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