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Can a "bricked" Gen 1 be put into neutral and pushed out of a garage?

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My 2011 has P0AA6, P1FFF, SHVCS and won't charge. Among other likely issues, I'm pretty sure my HV battery heater doesn't work. The car didn't run well in the winter anyway, so my plan is drive it to my dad's place (on ICE), swap it for his currently unused Accord and leave it in his garage until springtime. At that point, I might junk it or try getting it reprogrammed to maybe get another summer of use out of it.
My concern is that I might end up with a bricked car stuck in his garage. Hoping for confirmation that, independent of the HV battery status, I'll at least be able to shift into neutral and push it out of the garage if needed.
Anyone have experience with that? Thanks!
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It won’t charge but runs on the ICE? Will it charge up to the 4 bars of range in mountain mode? If so it seems perfectly usable, just as a gas car.
Yes, ever since it displayed the SHVCS message a couple days ago, it will not charge on the EVSE (either Level 1 or Level 2.) It will still run on ICE primarily, as it did last winter. It will regen, sometimes. I expect that it will charge from the ICE also, but I'm not sure. I've only driven it less than a mile since getting SHVCS, but I'll learn more when I drive the 20 miles to my Dad's place on Thanksgiving. For the past year, MM has usually been grayed out (unavailable), which seems pretty rare based on lack of other such reports on this forum. It's weird, because the car runs the ICE enough that it's like driving in Hold Mode (ironically, not a 2011 option), so the battery rarely gets depleted to the 4-bar point where MM would kick in anyway. At least that was the case previous to SHVCS, but I'm a bit worried that on a longer drive the software will now limit the ICE charging and allow the battery to drain to the point that it won't be able to restart the ICE after shutting it down.

You may be right that it could be usable as a gas car, but last winter it got really poor gas mileage. With the current price of premium gas, driving my dad's 2007 Accord Hybrid will be more economical, more reliable (knock wood) and better for the environment.

I'll report back after my trip on Thursday.
Thanks for the replies!
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