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Can a "bricked" Gen 1 be put into neutral and pushed out of a garage?

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My 2011 has P0AA6, P1FFF, SHVCS and won't charge. Among other likely issues, I'm pretty sure my HV battery heater doesn't work. The car didn't run well in the winter anyway, so my plan is drive it to my dad's place (on ICE), swap it for his currently unused Accord and leave it in his garage until springtime. At that point, I might junk it or try getting it reprogrammed to maybe get another summer of use out of it.
My concern is that I might end up with a bricked car stuck in his garage. Hoping for confirmation that, independent of the HV battery status, I'll at least be able to shift into neutral and push it out of the garage if needed.
Anyone have experience with that? Thanks!
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wildass guess but the place to START looking for a solution is probably battery coolant circumator pump or battery heater or the three-way valve that connects them. I don't know if the car is smart enough to run coolant through the coolant radiator that's near the engine radiator to warm the coolant in case of failure, but that'd go a long way to explaining why the battery BECOMES fine after a long drive on ICE. For example, the coolant heater failed so car switches 3-way to postition C on the diagram The Chevrolet Volt Cooling/Heating Systems Explained , runs the engine and hopes for the best.
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