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Camera App on 2019 Volt?

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I recently had my 2019 Volt in for service and utilized a Bolt loaner. I noticed the Bolt loaner had a camera app where I could look at the back camera or the front camera. Does anyone know if that is available on the 2019 Volt?
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Do you know if the app is from a third party or only from GM? If from a third party, then research their website or just install the app and experiment.
How could you have a third party app on a Bolt or a Volt? There is no mechanism for installing software outside of GM's firmware on the infotainment unit, the closest thing to it is Android Auto and Car Play which run apps on a phone and utilize the car's display, speakers and microphone but not the car's camera's. Even when built in Android becomes available, the Volvo Polestar will be the first car to get it, I doubt that it would have this capability. Cameras are so specific to an individual car models, and are integral parts of driver assist and self driving systems, that it's doubtful that there will ever be an API that allows third party apps to access them.
I should add that if Chevy had wanted to add the Bolt's 360 camera feature to the 2019 they probably could have but that was probably more upgrade than they wanted to do. The Gen2 Volt was barely modified by GM over the years, nothing at all in the 2018 and just power seats and faster charger in the 2019, both of which probably involved minimal engineering.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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