[ad#post_ad]GM has just unveiled a breathtaking luxury sedan concept car powered by the 2-mode plugin hybrid drivetrain. This appears to be the final resting place of the powertrain that was first intended for the Saturn VUE.

The vehicle showcases Cadillac's new top-of-the line Platinum series, and is considered a luxury sedan of the future.

“The XTS Platinum concept is the next expression of Cadillac’s Art and Science execution philosophy, reflecting our drive to deliver the latest innovations in the most artful manner,” said Bryan Nesbitt, Cadillac general manager. “We envisioned this concept as an automotive personal headquarters, using advanced technology to enable new levels of connectivity and luxury.”

A 3.6 L V-6 Direct Injection engine is mated with the 2-mode plugin hybrid drivetrain to produce a combined 350 horsepower and 295 foot-pounds of torque. It uses a rechargeable 8 kwh lithium ion battery that can be recharged in about 5 hours. Driving can be done in pure electric mode under most driving conditions, with the car's goal to deplete the battery's grid-stored energy over a 20 mile range. When extra power is demanded such as during acceleration and hill climbs, the combustion engine can power on.

Fuel economy should work out to be double what a conventional hybrid of this size would achieve.

It is all wheel drive, shares teh Buick LaCrosse platform and uses a Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) system in which all 4 wheels continuously sense the road and adjust for instantaneous and extremely precise body motions.

The stately, luxurious and athletic exterior is conceived of in what Cadillac is calling a progressive art and science design. It is a large bold car similar in size to the DTS, but more stylish and somewhat reminiscent of the Mercedes S-class.

The interior is opulent and spacious and minimizes the use of buttons, blending the display screen into a flowing back-lit organic LED panel.

The XTS series is expected to go into production in 2012. No pricing is known but if you think $40,000 is expensive for a car...