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Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid Pics (Dallas Auto Show)

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A bunch o' pics...nice ride...although the trunk space is compromised for sure....

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Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks great. I hope these do better than the ELR.
And I'm hoping they don't sell well so I can pick one up for half price in a few years, just like the ELR.
Probably be a rare find. They'll limit production/imports to orders. If I could get one for $43k like my ELR, I'd for sure jump on it .
Yup, if I can find one for mid 40a or less, I'm in despite the trunk. Alas, by the time that happens, i'm probably looking at other new cars anyway. I'll ping pong around for a decade before pulling the trigger.
I think the trunk space will be a deal breaker for many that will need to be overcome with $30K or so on the hood for many buyers. But, I certainly like the look of the car.
I need to see a picture with 4 carry-on bags and a few backpacks in the trunk of a CT6. That will determine whether it really is a deal breaker for me. I suspect we will discover that the overall width makes the CT6 more roomy than the volt cargo area, but someone needs to prove it to me. So in the interest of science, who is going to be our first CT6 owner? We know Blastphemy won't do it despite being an early volt and ELR adopter.

I think it is also interesting that the center console 3D graphic shows the battery in the trunk instead of between the rear wheels where it really belongs. I wonder why they chose to do that?

Edit: amazing, according to and, both the volt v2 and CT6 PHEV have the same 10.6 cubic feet of cargo space. That stinks. But for me, two kids are already out of the nest with the 3rd in high school, so lack of trunk space won't be a showstopper especially since most of our trips will end for 3 people, not 4. The daughter moving from Boston to Atlanta means we will have a 50 minute oneway drive to the airport instead of a 3 hour oneway drive. Plus Bloomington, IL has a dual headed chargiing station in their short-term parking area, plus an Avanti's restaurant nearby, so I have no problem sitting there for a few hours before the plane arrives to fill the battery. But they really should have designed the car to be a skateboard design like the bolt and Tesla.
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